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The April 2001 issue of Wire magazine had a short paragraph about Unwound and a review of Leaves Turn Inside You.

This is the short paragraph written about Unwound.

One of the original underground, post-hardocore groups to emerge from the fertile Olympia, Washington scene, Unwound have been tempering punks energy with whimsy and reinvigorating ethereal pop with driving momentum since 1991. On early albums like 1993's 'Fake Train' and 1994's New Plastic Ideas, guitarist Justin Trosper, drummer Sarah Lund and bassist Vern Rumsey attempted to make American shoegazing rock by expanding punks restricitive sound palette. Their forthcoming album for Matador Europe finds the group moving further from their punk roots towards an intellectual, inquisitive, sober brand of hardcore.

Review of 'Leaves Turn Inside You'

From their inception in 1991, this Washington based trio have dealt in abrasive, confrontational music, somewhere between Sonic Youth and fugazi. 'Leaves Turn Inside You' is their first studio album in three years. It marks a radical departure in its scope and overall sound. The hardcore scene has spat out such individual classics at infrequent intervals, and Leaves sits comfortably alonside Husker Du's 'Zen Arcade', The Minutemen's 'Double Nickles on the Dime' and Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation'.

Unwound are after departure and progression, and in the course of this album an indistinct beauty emerges from their restlessly shifting guitar patterns and sinuous rhythms. The softened aggression of "December" produces an effortless flow, where harmonies and melodic patterns exist with jabbing, stuttering guitar riffs and energised percussion. Any potential conflict between the vague lyrics and the relentless push of the music is lost in the shifts between abrasion and harmony. Unwound have reinvented their music as Progressive hardcore, framing abstract conceits in rock solid structures. This brave, ambitious record retains its edge in a blur of invention.


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