This is an email I received. I haven't had time to go back over the songs and transcribe them in the new tunings. Any guitar martyr who feels compelled to do so, I'd really appreciate it, since I can't really do it myself with the schedule I have.

Subject: Justin's tuning

Sent: 5/22/19 8:13 AM

Received: 5/21/99 4:43 PM

From: George DiMassino

To: friend wrote to you (Dave - asking you about

Justin's lucite gtr. and stated that he knows Justin's tuning...he fowarded

the message to me. I know Justin's is written on the back of

the headstock of his gtrs. (like Sonic Youth does). However, he does change

it up a bit for different goes:


Tuning #1 : D-A-E-A-A-D (low to high)

used for : All Souls Day, Usual Dosage, Sonata for Loudspeakers, Devoid,

Next Exit, (and many others that I haven't quite been able to place or are

just assumptions on my part.)


Tuning #2 : F#-A-E-A-A-D (low to high)

used for : Dragnalus, Abstraktions, Honourosis, Lifetime Achievement

Award, and others.


Justin may also tune that second A in the pair of A's to B or something else

for some songs, namely Corpse Pose or Unauthorized Autobiography (?) and he

may retune that high D on the bottom...again, these are just an assumptions


Basically, this is his's a very cool tuning...definately try it



Hope this helps you out,




Subject: hello

Sent: 6/15/19 1:35 AM

Received: 6/14/99 3:40 PM

From: Treestick



Actually I asked Justin personally about his tunings and he his main tuning


D A D G A D low to high. He uses the G and A tunings for a lot of his half

and same tone intervals.



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