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GER 005 Replikants Slickaphonics LP/CD
This is actually being released on our other label, 5 Rue Christine. The Replikants are Justin Trosper (of Unwound), Brandt Sandeno (formerly of Unwound), and Joe Plummer (of Bare Minimum). A little bit of everything: jazz, electronic, dub, experimental noise. They are touring the west coast in July.

From Brian McDonald:

I picked this up over the weekend. It's very different from the first Replikants record. Whereas the first was a series of short, cold, dark, noisy, jazzy sounds, "Slickaphonics" sounds.. well, more slick. Less songs, but they're longer. They each have some sort of groovy rhythm with avanty sounding stuff layered on top. It's not too far off from the new Mocket record "Pro Forma".

Actually, a lot of this new Replikants record sounds a lot like the more experimental Swell Maps stuff.. like on "A Train Out Of It" or the CD bonus tracks on "A Trip To Marineville" or "In Jane From Occupied Europe". If that means anything to anybody..

From: Chris Vandebrooke:

[Originally part of a longer review of Mogwai, Ganger, and The Replikants at Breakroom Seattle, WA - 09-14-99. Only the portion of the review about the Replikants is reprinted here.]

The Replikants set up and started off. Only playing two songs where Justin played guitar on the first song, and then slowly blended that song into another as he drifted to the drum set doing some cymbal work with these mallets. It was really cool. They played for about 25 minutes, and there were no vocals and only Justin and one other playing, whom I couldn't place where he was from, but I think I remember him from some band out of Olympia many years ago. {set recorded and mp3'd}

hopefully will have these sounds posted somewhere soon.


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