Subject: Re: [mkultra]: unwound in so. cal.

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 11:13:08 -0800

The very first time I saw Unwound (Jan. '93) I talked to Justin for a little while after they played, and he was really nice. It was a really small, casual show, put on illegally in the basement of a record store in Sacramento, so there weren't many people there and the band seemed really relaxed and everybody had a great time. They had two 7"s for sale, and I could only afford one so I talked Justin into picking for me. I ended up with Kandy Korn Rituals/Hating in D. He also gave me a bunch of homemade stickers that had been made with gloppy silver paint instead of ink and looked like the "Unwound" design was applied with a potato stamp or something. Something you would make in crafts class. Anyway, needless to say, they thoroughly kicked my ass that night, and I bought Fake Train as soon as it came out which cemented their status as my favorite band. Since then, though, all the Unwound shows I've seen have been a lot bigger, and Justin has seemed to have sort of a brooding air about him, like he would be grumpy if you talked to him. But in my (very limited) experience he's nice.

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