From: Brian MacDonald <>

To: mkultra <>

Subject: Re: [mkultra]: Unwound in SD

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:31:01 -0800 (PST)


Out of the, now, 7 times I've seen Unwound since 1993, the Casbah show on Saturday night in San Diego was above and beyond the best Unwound show ever.. and, yes, probably one of the best shows I've ever seen, period. The volume on "Were, Are, And Was Or Is" reached near My Bloody Valentine levels of decibels, beauty, and wooziness. I couldn't walk straight for 10 minutes afterwards. And yes, this was a last minute change in the set as a birthday present for Rocket roadie/member and former Unwound roadie DIRTY who was living it up on Saturday night to be sure.

Sunday night's show (at the PCH Club once again) wasn't as godlike as the Casbah's, but was a great set nevertheless. It was the most different set, in terms of which songs they played, of the 4 they did this weekend. They ended the set with a nice blistering "MK Ultra". I would have thought they'd forget that song by now. I love having my expectations messed with.

The weekend did end on kind of a fucked way. There was this couple, a guy and his girlfriend, who couldn't get their car started outside the PCH Club, probably the worst place to have your car go dead... (Industrial area, with no traffic, no cops, no telephones, nothing). Plus this creepy man was stalking this guy's girlfriend for an hour beforehand. So I had to help move the truck all the while this guy was trying to keep the creepy guy at bay with a big brick in his hand... in brief, all turned out fine, but very frightening for quite a while there.

From: Andy Blanchard <>

To: mkultra <>

Subject: [mkultra]: Unwound in SD

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:53:38 -0800


What a great show Unwound had Saturday in San Diego! They played an in-store during the day at Off The Record, which was OK, but the sound wasn't great, and it was too crowded for my liking. But the night show at The Casbah was awesome! I don't really remember the order of the songs, but I can tell you what they played from which album...

Fake Train: "Dragnalus" and the "Valentine Card/Kantina/Were, Are And Was Or Is" trio (they ended the show with this. It was changed from their original playlist of "For Your Entertainment").

New Plastic Ideas: Jeez... I don't think they played anything from this...

Future of What: "Disappoint", "Petals Like Bricks"(the show opener).

Repetition: "Message Received", "Corpse Pose" and "Unauthorized Autobiography".

Challenge For A Civilized Society: "Data", "Laugh Track" (my early lead for favorite song of the new album), "Meet The Plastics", "Side Effects of Being Tired"(Vern sings this) (it kicks ass live!) (especially the droney ending) and "What Went Wrong".

I also got the chance to meet our illustrious list-owner Brian MacDonald. We both stood up front together, while our ears were melted by the sonic blast. Brian said it was possibly the best Unwound show he had ever seen (I believe he even said it was the best SHOW he'd seen, period... but that could've been post-Unwound euphoria...). That was the first time I've ever seen them, but I count it as one of the best shows I've seen. The only problem I had was I couldn't hear the vocals enough. The band was in good spirits. Sarah was flawless and completely cool behind the drums (does she ever sweat?). Vern flailed! And Justin was actually quite animated, contrary to other reports I've heard.

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