From: Brian MacDonald <>


Subject: [mkultra]: Unwond at PCH last night

Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 11:05:03 -0800 (PST)


OOOOOoooooh my god. What a fuckin' great show last night was.

Even the fact that it was packed worse than sardines last night in a hot steamer place whose acoustics take a *lot* oomph out of the sound, it was quite worth it (Show sold out two bands before Unwound). Picked up the new CD there... I must say on first listen, this sounds like a Top 10 of 1998 record already. (also, the FIRST record I bought with "1998" in credits... I guess the new year is official :) Justin's experimenting with spacey sounds on his guitar, Vern's bass lines are more odd than ever, and Sarah's approach to drumming is sounding even more alien than before. Woohoo! I think this might be a career album for Unwound.

Anyway, the set went something like this:

Petal Like Bricks
Corpse Pose
Laugh Track (NEW)
What Went Wrong (NEW)
The Side Effects of Being Tired (NEW)
Were, Are And Was Or Is

Of course, the last three songs were the cherry on top of a well destructed cake. :) Hope you guys don't mind flange and Echoplex pedals.. Justin's using them on tour... especially the Echoplex.

See y'all in San Diego.

From: Zooter5 <>


Subject: unwound show at PCH

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 00:45:27 EST


Here is a little bit of what I witnessed at the Unwound show on January 9th at club PCH. The band whipped out an extreamly amazing set for this rainy evening (always a good thing with Unwound's sound). The band played Hexenzsene and Envelope off of New Plastic, they played Corpse Pose from Repetition, played a good number of songs from the new album, and finished off the amazing show with my all time favorite Unwound song, Kantina off of Fake Train (they also played Dragnalus too). I have to say that the show was so good that I was brought to tears a few times.

From: jay <>


Subject: [mkultra]: unwound in so. cal.

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 12:47:24 -0800

Well, I saw them three times: Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday night; and they definitely met my low expectations on Friday and Saturday, and surpassed them very much so on Sunday. The show on Friday at the PCH club was extremely hot, and it seemed to drain them quite a bit. Lots of Justin's lyrics and chords were off, but I was still pleased. Especially since they played Valentine Card / Kantina / Were, Are, And Was Or Is.

Saturday at Off The Record was better, although the vocals could've been louder. I didn't get to see them at the Casbah, since I'm 18, but the show Sunday was more than enough for me. It was at the PCH club, and I felt it was better than Friday and Saturday combined. I got to stand in a really good spot for once and take some photographs, and they played the three songs that I like the most: Equally Stupid, Honourosis, and MKUltra. They ended with MKUltra, and played the slow part for a few minutes longer than it is on the 7", and ended it with tons of distortion and feedback. I was amazed.

If you see them, try not to take too many pictures. There was about 25 other kids with cameras there, and Justin said he was "starting to feel epileptic". He's super funny though. I tend to love it when band members mock the crowd for some reason. Sara was nonchalant as hell; I was in awe while standing next to her, and I don't think Vern said a word all weekend.

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