From: Truk pilo <>


Subject: Re: [mkultra]: finals time

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 23:56:26 EST


Well, the new record is called "Challenge For A Civilized Society" and it is a great record! The record isn't as consistant in the sound as the previous three records have been. Some songs seem to have the one note riff thing happening that Corpse Pose has. Other songs have a smaller drum sound like New Plastic Ideas. Overall the record is a lot more quirky than the rest. Someone who is willing to accept Unwound's change will totally like this. If you are looking for another Repetition then you will be dissapointed.


From: Kevin K Lien <>


Subject: Re: [mkultra]: new unwound

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 97 11:59:59 -0600


...Very good except for the 6th track (the promo doesn't have song titles), but it's a longer version of the 2 song on the new 12" know...the bad one. But otherwise, very Future Of What-ish, in my opinion. But I do like it better than their last record. Oh well, everyone can find out for themselves on the 13th of January...


From: stinkee <>


Subject: [mkultra]: despondence coefficient

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 22:55:54 -0600


get out your algebra books...

f = what went wrong
g = all other unwound songs
h = being dumped by your girlfriend/boyfriend
x = gut-wrenching

f(x) > g(x) >> h(x)

translation: if being dumped makes you want to cry, what went wrong will drive you to an early grave. this is stinkee's opinion. seriously.


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