From: Mike Foss

unwound headlined a kill rock stars showcase at emos in austin last week for sxsw. unfortunately vern (bass) missed his plane, or something to that effect. justin and sara went on anyway and just improvised. it turned out to be incredible! i love mogwai and other bands of that ilk, but to see unwound go up there and improvise something similar to bands like mogwai and do it better solidified my already lifelong love for the band unwound!!!! Oh, also, look out for one or two extra members when they tour this summer (or may?).

From: Ted

i agree. it was my first time to see unwound. i admit that part of me was a bit dissapointed that vern wasnt there, but the show was incredible. especially towards th end when justin started dancing and ignoring that lady form emos that kept trying to get them to get off the stage. i also like justin's cameo appearence during XBXRX's set. haha. great show that night. all the bands were cool except j mascis and thefog. they played way too long. thats just my opinion.




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