I get the impression that the Crocodile Cafe is bad news in general for shows. The breakfast I had there was alright (if not over priced). Two years ago unwound did a west coast tour very similar in order to what they're doing now. I saw them in Olympia, the Crocodile, and the Velvet Elvis (the latter two both in Seattle).

The show at the Croc as I recall featured some guy making fun of Vern's hair, and various other yahoos that were there just to be at a show I guess, they didn't seem to know who unwound was, maybe they couldn't get into the Mudhoney show at rck cndy or something.

Unwound's set was abrubtly ended by a bouncer getting on stage at exactly 2am and making the band stop, right in the middle of "Valentine Card". This guy then yelled at everyone to leave immediately. Didn't matter if you were trying to buy something from the merch table or not, you had to go. I assume this had something to do with not being able to sell alcohol after 2am. It's a shame that so many venues base everything around alcohol sales (i.e. putting too many bands on a bill so that more people might show up early and perhaps buy drinks, I think it's called "bar science").

The band didn't seem too annoyed by this for some reason. After the show I saw a guy urinating on the side entrance to the place. Good for him.

This was the second rude, bar bouncer I had to deal with that evening. The first being the goon working the door at the Breakroom where the Tight Bros. were playing.

So I guess the Velvet Elvis (it's called something else now) won my friendship that weekend.

--Cy Rawls

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