Aaah, much better! A far superior Unwound show last night, and with no incidents at that. Then again, I'm biased as I was smack dab in front of Justin this time.

The band actually seemed mellower, but somehow brewed more intensity. They connected a lot better last night than at the Crocodile show this past Saturday. The main set was almost exactly the same. Instead of "Fiction Friction", they did the instrumental "Lifetime Achievement Award". Sadly, no encore. Then again, is there an 11pm curfew at the Paradox Theater?

Last night gave me a chance to soak in the new songs again.. I have to say, I'm really excited about the new album now. Unwound are getting more droney, subtle, and spacey than even "Challenge", which is a very good thing. For the first time, I also realized how different a band Unwound are these days than the very first time I saw them in early 1993. They no longer have to rely on feedback, distortion, or energy (even though they still use it at times). They crafted an even odder songwriting style that, alone, makes them stand out.

It also seems the songwriting is following a more democratic process. Or at least, it seems Vern has as much mic time as Justin does with the new material. Also, Vern plays guitar instead of bass for a chunk of the songs.

--Brian MacDonald

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