actually, this one dates back to june 99, but i was too damn lazy to do what im finally doing. After a pretty hysterical day at a minor festival where we checked out Built to Spill and spent the night listening to guys yelling 'hoeren, hoeren' which is Dutch for 'whores, whores' we travelled another 100 miles, not having slept for a long time, just for UNWOUND. The show was in a transformed trainstation in what probably is one of the smallest towns of our small country. Before we got there though, we did something really stupid: yelling obscenities and unwound song titles at 2 persons who later turned out to be Sara Lund and her girlfriend really sucks in retrospect. Surprisingly, or maybe because they didnt recognize us, they were all extremely friendly. We had a really pleasant conversation with Vern about Irish handcuffs, whatever that is, a sleater-kinney video shot in Verns yard, his kepone t-shirt and other stuff. Blaa bla bla...theres only one word for the show: great...the new songs were nice...bla, bla, bla(shame on me, this is about unwound). After the show a couple of nutcases started making musik out on the street with bongos. This inspired the unwoundmembers to start dancing and filming the event. It was in the middle of the night, ... and there were also two crazy dutch guys who had followed unwound through Holland and even came to Belgium. We ended up sleeping in the same place with them. And they talked for hours. OH yeah, i forgot, we also talked to Justin. When we mentioned the Built to Spill show he told us they're friends and mockingly but without any hard feelings asked:'Did he play a solo?' And this ending really sucks, contrary to unwound and their show.

Thanks to the person who sent this to me, whose name I lost and I regret it. Whoever you are, write me again and let me know, so I can give you all the glorious credit that comes with being on the In Ter Net.



this document was last updated 26 September 2000