From: Dave


I disagree with the person who said it wasn't very good. The first two songs are faster pace. The first song has an awesome picking guitar parts and then the song goes into half time suddenly for the choruses. The second song has the bass on the left side and the guitar on the right--kind of mimicking s-k or e17 or something. The third is just a guitar/bass instrumental that was recorded a year ago that they probably just threw on there to offset the time difference (the back side is over 10 minutes long where the first side is 6 minutes something.) The back side is classic Steve Fisk messing around which is good. At the end theres a guy talking on the phone describing the songs on the 12 inch which was funny.

I think the 12 inch accomplished what I think it tried to accomplish. It satisfied my craving to buy another Unwound release, and it hinted at what the new record is going to sound like (clean, Repetition sounding production).

Overall it seems like they are experimenting with a more upbeat style of writing. I think that this is the perfect direction that they could go in. Unwound has stayed together for as long as they have due to their willingness to change their sound and keep people guessing. With this 12 inch and the subsequent full length coming out, there is no question in my mind that they can last until 2091.


From: GalagaDave <>


Subject: new 12 incher

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 10:15:32 EST


I bought the new 12 incher yesterday. It constists of two songs recorded in August 1997, a guitar/bass only instrumental from 1996, and a wierd and long collection of sounds and old drum parts to previous Unwound songs which lasts for 10 minutes. The first song is a really catchy/poppy song with lots of lyrics. The second song is another fast song (compared to normal Unwound) with some quirky effects on the vocals and things.

The first song is really strong and really really different. My little sister says she liked that song more than any other Unwound songs. So I'm kind of worried--is Unwound gonna be the next Green Day??? Yikes!!!!!

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