From Jeff:

hey all -

thought i'd offer up some post-show fodder...went to the evening show last nite in NY. unwound were brilliant as usual, but a very strange evening regardless: opened up with 7 or 8 new songs...some were stunningly great, some were epic-ly long (and some were both)...a summary statement would render the new stuff continuing in the slower, spacious, spread-out sounds of "challenge" and more pick-ier /non-chord guitar bits with dubbed out, echo-ey effects. one of the new ones had vern playing guitar instead of bass, and if you were lucky enough to have heard the show that was mp3-ed sometime earlier this year by someone here, you'd've recognized a couple of the new ones in that set list showing up - and, out of the bunch, those couple new songs are ABSOLUTLEY drop-dead great . i got the sense a lot of folks didn't quite know what to make of the opening 45 minutes of new stuff...i thought audience response was lukewarm at best, and i saw a few leave 1/2-way through. the older stuff/closers were an odd selection too.

this was the set list:

7/8 new songs
go to dallas & take a left
lucky acid
entirely different matters
lowest common denominator
fiction friction

take care, jeff

ps: i really feel the need to mention the letter e were absolutely one of the most atrocious things i've ever heard - the post-rock pat methany stuff has really got to be stopped - the really dainty parts sound like a promise ring musak, and the occasional sabbath-y riffs made the entire affair all too queensryche for me. silent lucidity, anyone?

Saw the Sunday show, set list was exactly the same except I think Vern played guitar on two songs. I enjoyed the whole thing, probably dug the new stuff more than most, but it only caught fire for Fiction Friction, IMO, which was amazing. Chloe Sevigny was there, apparently alone, as were at least 2/3 of Blonde Redhead. Convocation of... were very good to excellent, main problem being too much guitar (Marshall half stack turned up too loud). Mercury Program I enjoyed, sounded tres June of 44, in fact it would have been hard to distinguish, though my mates were a bit bored by them. Don't know what wa odd about the "hits" section of the set though.

Set list as written:

Terminus I + II
My Kudu
Radio Gra
Below the Salt
Entirely Diff. Matt.
Friction Fiction

Hey notdale, it's eric (a.k.a. luckyacid). Listen, i went to the sat. shows and i had a blast...tight as fuck. they played like eight songs off of the much anticipated new album. they were pretty badass, not many vocals though. vern picked up a six string guitar and played a song with justin (beautiful). a couple of oldies; an incredible version of go to dallas and a decent entirely different matters. all in all...good to finally see them again, but more variation between sets would have mad me happier. late, eric

From: JK

wow. wow. wow. and wow. unwound were better than i had ever seen them before. i took some great shots, so if anyone needs some pics to send to seventeen magazine or wear in a locket, email me.

The best part of the show was "go to dallas and take a left" with Vern playing the synthesizer part on bass...and then they played my favorite song, "fiction/friction."

As for the next record, Justin and Vern are recording the double LP thingy at their newer home studio. Expect songs in the challenge vein, with an ocassional lapse into the brillance of the seven inch songs. reminded me of "bad moon rising" by sonic youth a lot as well...One new song was an amazing hotty, but i forgot the name-thumpy bass, galloping guitars, and even some tempo changes ala BlondeRedhead(whom were actually in attendance, as was that wonderful actress who was in KIDS, GUMMO, etc. chloe svejfsjgeiuog or something)

Vern is living in Las Vegas, and Sarah is in Portland. good 'ol MC 900 foot Trosper is all Olympia, and he will actually be spinning at the DEN, here in NYC, on tuesday night.

It was nice to see them play and catch up with them. Unwound wont be touring much in the next few months, but Replikants will be playing shows from time to time(i have had "time after time" by cyndi lauper playing on a feedback loop in my noggin). Vern said unwound would be back in New York, but didn't know about extensive touring. Justin even smiled and told jokes. they've come a long way from getting drunk at my house on the challenge tour. well, not really. i'll have a review of the show w/pics in Ink19, which you can also get online at uhh, yeah.

From pete:

I know, right? 'We're having a good time, I hope you all are too' First time I've heard that! I was also happy they played 'Fiction Friction'..a favorite.

The Convocation Of.. tore it up, too. Hell yeah!




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