From: Chris Vandebrooke

my tirade of the evening, is as follows:

It's always best to come home and write out these damn reviews, even though I'm totally exauhsted and have to get up in about 4 hours to go to work. Tonight's event was at the Breakroom, Seattle WA, home of Eddie Veder. Wheeeee! Rock stars everywhere, damn! The Yind boy's were in full form this evening, playing super delicate, flowing rhythmic pulses of sound that was just all around - soothing. Very instrumental set, 4 piece, with 2 guitar players and really great Rodan style bass lines. Reminded me of a mix between Bedhead, American Analog Set, and Ganger. They were really nice people, tops.

Hovercraft appeared, put up there extravagent set, and managed to pulvarize me with the same boring frequency/pitch feedback swoon noise adjacent to the headache it was causing me. As me and my friend were discussing, they are really great for the first 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes of their set. There are no real dynamics, it's recycled noise, and the only real great thing about them is that their visuals are amazing. Poor Eddie Vedder was mauled by a group of lamers outside of the show afterwards, ripping guitars out of soft cases for him to sign and waving copies of Rolling Stone in his face to sign. Jesus, can't someone just go out and see a show without this? Must be rough. I didn't even recognize who he was, and as he was tearing down a flier from the window for the Dead Moon show, I told him that my friend had a stack of them right outside if he wanted to put that one back up. I felt pretty stupid after that, I had no idea who the guy was. doh!

Okay, all that rock drama aside, Unwound took the stage. Previous to the unveiling, I spoke with Vern for quite some time about what was going on, with his label, and what he was up to. He told me that Unwound is going to start recording their new record in February, out of his house. He lives on a farm in Olympia, and they can practice whenever the hell they want. It's going to be recorded on his 8 track, which sounds nice. Same machine they used for fake train I believe. He spoke of someone coming in to help engineer the record, so to make it easier on them. He wants Steve Fisk, but thinks he might be to busy. I suggested Kip Beelman, but he is pretty set on using Phil Eck, who was at the show as well. I asked Vern about the Live in London record, and what was up with it. He said that they gave a tape to this guy to put out the record. The entire album was mastered off of a cassette tape, I love it! But, yes indeed, it is the John Peel Sessions. Vern said that he really didn't want people to know that, because they never got permission from the BBC to release it. I think your supposed to pay some cost and tax or something, who knows. So, that is the real deal on the event. So hey, you never heard that from me.

Unwound opened up with Totality, and it was as if I had never heard any of these songs.

The set list was as follows, wiht 4 NEW SONGS, never before played live that i'm aware of. But I doubt that is true. They said they were really new.

1. Totality
2. Broken E. Strings
3. Negated
4. Said Serial
5. Seen Not Heard
6. New Song #5
7. New Song #2
8. New Song #3
9. New Song #1

They ended the set with two songs off of New Plastic Ideas.

I don't know what else to say regarding how good of a set that they played on this fine night. Sara was really on, she totally rocked the beat, and stayed on top of the rhythm. Sometimes she lags the beat a bit. Not tonight. It was truly epic.

And yes, I recorded the entire show, and should have this up on indyrock sometime in the near future, probably within the week. I even got permission from Yind and Unwound to record the show. That rocks!




This document was last updated 2 November 1999