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<final_exams> What movie do you think fucking NEEDED an Unwound song on the soundtrack? Which song? Please explain in 400 words or less, using examples from the book. </final_exams>

My vote would have to go for David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY. The industrial shite he threw in there was totally out of place for a movie that wasn't really an adrenalin pumper. Let's say you put "MKUltra" over the scenes of Bill Pullman looking moody, and "Valentine Card" over the scene where Balthazar Getty walks in on Patricia Arquette boinking Mr. Eddy. I can also see "Usual Dosage" and "Corpse Pose" fitting in.

(at one point, I was so obsessed with the neat overlap of Lynchdom and Unwound that I was going to send him a tape of Unwound stuff. Hell, I want to direct a movie simply so I can slip "MKUltra", Rye Coalition's "Romancing the Italian Horn", and Shellac's "The Idea of North" onto the soundtrack)

have you noticed how on "challenge" the lyrical content seems a lot different than on previous Unwound releases? For instance you could take..

Data from challenge:
generations information paralyzed by movie lies.
no solution to the pollution. useless data bores the masses.
obsolete ideas meet human need for fantasy.
false alarm.


All souls day from New plastic:
say it first I wont pretend to know what to do about death and dying more than
you, graves don't talk and souls don't speak in tongues and the dead sea sank
with all the ancient ones. don't cross your fingers if you're afraid, cause
no one sleeps on all souls day, i wont pray. i close my eyes in your company
too sick to pray for the young in me, dont want to die so soon, don't really
think I will, wont dwell on it for the present do i kill. cross all your
fingers if there's no other way, cause nobody sings on all souls day, I wont pray.

Now, I realize that every musician/lyricist evolves from one record to the next. I loved challenge but for me the lyrics weren't as outstanding as the previous records, especially repetition which blows me away. I think justin is a fantastic writer but does anyone else notice what I'm talking about? I think challenge seems less weighty than the other records in terms of the words. Regardless Unwound are still one of the greatest bands around.

now that you mention it, it is quite a shift, especially the two examples you pointed out; it's as though their old lyrics are what would traditionally fall under poetry, very emotional, very personal, and have evolved into more obscure, colder, cerebral stuff, i dare say stuff that would fall more neatly under philosophical/aphoristic. i see it as more of a gradual thing than a challenge thing, though; when i first got repetition, i saw the cover, the black-and-silver sleeve (i have it on vinyl), the lyrics, and heard the predominant bass, and the muted vocals, and i thought, wow, they're turning into stereotypicial intellectuals! challenge is definitely one step further though (even the title), and new plastic (and the two before) definitely more rock than spock. thankfully, i'm into poetry and philosophy equally, so i like both the supernova and white dwarf phases equally. by the way, i'm juan, and i've never contributed to this thingy.

Why not, stupid shit like this makes mailing lists go 'round.

What Unwound song has your favorite lyrics <highschoolteacher> AND WHY? </highschoolteacher>

Mind you, this isn't necessarily your favorite Unwound song. Just the one who's lyrics you like best.

For me, #1 would be "Devoid" off REPETITION...
Don't try so hard to be so kind/
You might just find that being mean is worth the time/
It seems wrong, takes awhile/
It makes sense when everything is getting stale.

I just love this one because it's a confirmation of my own outlook on life. Be nice to everyone UNLESS everyone is being nice to everyone; then start nursing the asshole within.

From a more emo perspective, #2 would be "What Was Wound" off of NEW PLASTIC IDEAS...
Cutting in just won't seem right/
Tear the skin and invite it in/
And you say there's nothing to it/
There's no harm but you don't want to do it/
And you say I put you to it/
Don't know you but I said I'd do it.

I read this song as being about self-mutilation; since I was doing that when I first got NPI, I related pretty strongly. Also, if my reading is right, it's a near-perfect picture of a cutter mentality.



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