Well, friday night at the breakroom. So smokey, you have to get glass cleaner to see when you exit that place. Vern had some 'lowercase' t-shirt on, sara had some thrift store T that said 'the kid' or something on it, justin was smoking?, which i thought was weird, because I didn't know he smoked. He was looking suave, in some yellow collered shirt. I really suck, because i left when they were done, and I didn't go up and grab the set list to tell you what they all played. About 10 songs they played, some really old school stuff. Some songs off of new plastic ideas, and stuff of of the last album.

I talked to Vern about t-shirts, he said he didn't bring any and left them at home because he didn't want to sit there and sell them? FUCK! Oh well. He gave me his address, so, if anyone wants to write him and buy unwound shirts he said they were $6 bux, american.
vern: (unwound)
p.o box 2283
olympia, wa 98507

i guess he only has x-large, and they are pretty big he said.

Regarding the whole matador thing, i guess they are only doing european distribution. He also stated that the new Unwound album will be out in January! So yeah, that should be nice. I mentioned that I had made a cd of the first demo tape, and offered him a copy. He just chuckled and said that he had the 'reels', and there was no need. Thought that was kind of humorous.

They rocked, in a mellow sort of way. I think sarah was really tired or something, who knows. They played with some opening bands, i showed up just in time, as unwound was walking on stage.

a perfect night, although, i've seen them better than that for sure. a lot of the songs were kind of slugish, or at least a touch slow.

Songs played were: (pretty sure on these, guessing)

01- data
02- laugh track
03- meet the plastics
08- lifetime achievement award
09- what went wrong (which was played over, cause vern fucked up)

01- demolished
03- equally stupid

oh yeah, they played dissapoint too.




This document was last updated on 11 December 1998