Review from Jornt van Bennekum

Last summer Unwound toured in Europe! I saw them three times: One time in Lausanne (Switserland) and two times in Holland. The concert in Lausanne was very small (20 people). I talked to Vern and Justin for a while. Vern said that "Challenge for a ... " was going to be released a second time in Europe by another label. I think it was Matador (??) Because Unwound thinks that the distribution of their CD's in Europe by Kill Rock Stars doesn't really work..... It's true because it is prety hard to get an Unwound CD here. That's why they are going to tour in Europe again soon.. I talked a bit about the tour and they told me that their booker was a prety weird Italian guy so they played a lot of concerts in Italy.

Fact: Justin doesn't like Kronenbourg (That's a French Beer)



This document was last updated on 11 December 1998