I've been to the last date of the European Unwound tour . Justin,Vern and Sara all looked like they were about to die and the show was kind of lacking in energy. Vern actually tried to be energetic but I guess he forced himself to do it cause it showed. When Justin would reach a point where he (according to the record) normally screams he often just started to sing in a lower voice. I enjoyed the show anyway since the songs still rock and I briefly talked to Justin about not playing 'You bite my tongue' after I screamed it at the first show like a madman and again this time while he was standing a couple of feet away. He told me they hadn't played it for a long time, I told him to practice 'you bite my tongue' and 'kandykornrituals' before they come to Europe next time.

He thanked me for coming and I left.

The place itself was really cool since it didn't have a stage and no P.A.

I estimate about 25 people were there(which filled half of the room).

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This document was last updated 17 June 1998