place:  CSOA brancaleone (c.s.o.a. basically means it's a squat).
 ticket:  15.000 italian lire (pretty cheap).
 audience:  between 300 and 400 (quite a lot considering that at the same time there was another gig by a very famous italian band).
 opening:  concrete.
setlist: 1. petals like bricks
2. dragnalus
3. all souls day
4. laugh track
5. meet the plastic
6. corpse pose
7. unauthorized autobiography
8. the world is flat
9. hexenzsene
10. arboretum
11. side effects of being tired
12. for your entarteinment/feedback
13. a two-song encore

i arrived at the place at around 21.00, and short after the band jumped on stage for a short soundcheck (they played laugh track a couple of times). it was the first time that i saw them in real life, but anyway they look pretty similar to the booklet pics, except for vern who dyed his hair blond (he was wearing a very cool yellow karp t-shirt). i went and talked shortly with justin, and then with the girl taking care of the merchandise table, whose name escapes my mind right now, sorry. we all went out, just in front of the place, where all the people was lining up to get in. they all were enjoying the very tasty italian red wine. i was having some beers and feeling good. we talked some more about music, wines and sweden. the show didn't start until 24.00, when the rome band concrete started their set. i can't say that i liked them too much. it was something like a grind metal combo with darby crash on vocals. they had a white cloth behind them, with photos and short movies appearing on it. the funny thing was that the band was formed by five guys, and they all moved at the same time, and so did their shadows on the cloth on their back: the effect was more like a weird devo video than a straight edge assault. but the lead guitarist wasn't bad at all, and some tunes were ok. i think their only mistake has been to open a show for unwound, and trying to look cool and play loud. needless to say, they were blown away by the set of unwound. i was in the first line and took some photos. the crowd didn't move too much; well to be honest they all stood up there, shking their heads sometimes. sara looked pretty sick and in fact she wasn't doing too well before the show (i think she got a little cold, you know, that kinda disease that bands suffer from when they tour the world in small vans). but this didn't affect at all the show, that was just great. the only problem was that there were no vocals: the mics volume was very, very low, and disappeared under the wall of noise of their music. too bad. nothing really special happened on stage, apart of course from vern jumping up and down and playing while smoking cigarettes. at the end of the set, they left their instruments on the amps, causing a bad ear ache to all of us, and then reappeared for the encore. the whole thing was over at around 2:20am. By the way, the merchandise did really well, i think they sold quite a lot of stuff. the guys spent some more time meeting the fans and signing autographs, then when the room emptied we moved for a little into the bar area, and from there back to the show room where the band packed all their stuff. at that time justin too wasn't looking too healthy. basically it was him, sara, the merchandise girl and me chatting and giggling about nonsense stuff (duh). i'd like to make it clear by now, they all turned out to be very, very nice guys. the americans then decided they wanted to see rome by night (sara has been here before as a tourist in december '96, when she went along her friend beth, at that time touring italy with her band hovercraft). we all packed up into the van (apart from the aforementioned guys and me there were a dutch driver, a dutch girl and an italian girl that lived in holland for over one year). together we reached the center of the city, and had a walk around the coloseum, the forum, venezia square and the surrounding areas. night wasn't cold at all, it was nice to walk around. we were sometimes kinda noisy, and talking in english all the time: this turned out to be somehow funny cause we passed by three police cars full of cops, and one said (rough translation from italian) "aren't we gonna do something against these yelling dudes?" and another replied "yeah right, did you forget than none of us speak english?". we then had to take the italian girl back home, she lives near the vatican so it was a good chance to see st.peter's church. from there they had to go back to the hotel, and i was the one supposed to take them safely back. and i actually did, even though i still can't belive i managed to drive them alright through the hell of closed roads and one-way streets surrounding the area. we reached the hotel at 5:30am and we were all very sleepy. i said them "bye" and then reached my home walking (i live near there). it was a great night.

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This document was last updated 28 May 1998