6/5/96 washington dc with blonde redhead and mocket

3.natural disasters
4.petals likek bricks
5.unauthorized autobiography
6.lowest common denominator
7.all souls day
8.corpse pose
9.lady elect
11.for your entertainment
12.valentine card

2/21/98 tempe arizona with the peechees , deerhoof , and another band

1.all souls day
3.unauthorized autobiography
4.laugh track
5.meet the plastics
6.the world is flat
8.next exit
10.side effects of being tired
11.what went wrong
12.for your entertainment  

From: Jared

Here are some setlists of a couple of Unwound shows back in March 1998:

@Tramps, New York City, NY 3/12/98 (w/ I.C.U. and Bunnyfoot Charm) :
1. Petals Like Bricks
2. Envelope
3. All Souls Day
4. Laugh Track
5. The World is Flat
6. Meet the Plastics
7. Arboretum
8. Corpse Pose
9. Unauthorized Autobiography
10. Side Effects of Being Tired
11. Valentine Card / Kantina / Were, Are and Was or Is

@ Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA 3/15/98 (w/ I.C.U. and Bunnyfoot Charm) :
1. All Souls Day
2. Dragnalus
3. Equally Stupid
4. Data
5. Laugh Track
6. Message Received
7. Meet the Plastics
8. The World is Flat
9. Corpse Pose
10. Side effects of Being Tired
11. Valentine Card / Kantina / Were, Are and Was or Is

Unwound were kickin out the jams thursday night

all souls day
laugh track
side effects of being tired
for your entertainment
corpse pose
lifetime achievement award
valentina card
arboretum..? cant remember

truly a kickin show..first band was pretty crazy..
skull control were skull control
third band sucked but i was at the bar enjoying the free champagne

they also played Usual Dosage

From: George DiMassino

I saw Unwound @ the Cooler last night, 12/31/98. They were great, but a little sloppy.

- All Souls Day
- Envelope
- Dragnalus
- Laugh Track
- Corpse Pose
- Arboretum
- Side Effects of being Tired
- Lifetime Achievement Award (instrumental)
- For Your Entertainment
- Valentine Card / Kantina

(lotsa feedback)

- Usual Dosage
- MK Ultra

both the encore songs were extended quite a bit, as was "Arboretum"

A Feb 1999 show, from Max
-petals like bricks
-unauthorized biography
-corpse pose
-laugh track
-meet the plastics
-lifetime acheivment award (w/o lyrics)
-new song 1
-side effects of being tired
-new song 2
-what went wrong

From: GoodyErin

I saw Unwound 2 nights ago and I think it may have been their best show I've ever seen.

the setlist was:
broken e strings
said serial
seen not hurt
-bunch of new songs-

it was lovely! some little kid played drums for about half the set on one of those baby kits & this guy standing by me videotaped only the kid the whole time... spooky.

From: Sasa Foster

that was vern's nephew.

From: Cris

OK folks, here's that set list I said I'd post from 3/13/02 in SF:

All Souls Day
Murder Movies
Laugh Track
Look A Ghost
October All Over
Next Exit
Petals like Bricks
Usual Dosage
For Yr Entertainment

Valentine Card
Were,Are and was or is

that is the correct order, straight from the actual list for Sara.

Damn good set, I must say.

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