Subject: UNWOUND at the lintfabriek in Kontich, Belgium.
Sent: 17/4/1998 4:01 PM
Received: 21/4/1998 10:34 PM
From: S. Spinks - A. Snoecx,

I was on a holiday in Turkey that morning, wondering if I would be back in Belgium in time to see the unwound show in Kontich. Last summer I met Kazu of Blonde Redhead at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. She told me about touring with the band Unwound and how great they are. So I went out a couple of days later to buy a couple of their records.

Anyway, back in Belgium, together with a couple of friends of mine from the band Dull, I took a train from Brussels to Kontich. When we finaly arrived at the Kontich train station we had no idea where to go and nobody around had ever heard of the Lintfabriek, nor of Unwound.So we just strolled around a bit and after about fifteen minutes we found the fucking Lintfabriek. Inside some fucked up band was doing their soundcheck. We immediately recognized Vern and Justin playing fuzzball in the back of the venue. Sarah was lying in a couch reading some kind of rock magazine. Justin invited us to play a game of fuzzball with him and Vern. Even though we really suck at fuzzball, we couldn't say no and it we soon found out that they sucked even more than us. Justin kept scoring in his own goal. Some sick guy we know from dull shows was there too. When he noticed us he came up the fuzzball table and started sucking up to Justin and Vern by telling them how much they "kick ass". It was clear that both Justin, Vern and we wanted to get rid of him, but he kept on bothering us. After the game we talked to Justin about how hard it is to find their records in Belgium, about Belgian beer and about Dull.

Quetzal opened for Unwound but they fucked up majorly. We went back to the back of the place and had a look at the records they were selling there. I bought an Unwound T-shirt.

Quetzal played for almost an hour, FUCK, but finally it was Unwound's turn to KILL.

This was their set-list:

petals like brick
murder movies
laugh track
meet the plastics
the world is flat
unauthorized biography
corpse pose
side effects of being tired
for your entertainment
were are and was or is

Although for some unknown reason Sarah looked like she was really pissed with something this was the best Unwound gig I've ever seen.

At the end of the show, Justin was waiting for us at the exit. (We said goodbye and shook hands).

Oh yeah, when Justin asked how many sexy people there were in the audience, Sarah drew a face as if she was going to puke.

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You deserve a pie the face, ya jerk.