From: bullseye <>


Subject: [mkultra]: new 12"

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:33:10 -0800 (PST)


I got it on Tuesday, and I'm disappointed with it.

It has 3 songs on side A and a long (10 minute) mix and sample thing. No lyric/whatever insert, one color printing front and back (and spine) on a white sleeve. the first song is an ok Unwound song. Nothing great, the riff reminds me sorta of a trans am song. The second song is kinda weird and not very good. It's short (less than 2 minutes) but still manages to be boring. The third song is even more boring. No singing or drums. Just guitar and bass. Sounds like up all night bedroom demo material.

The B-side sample/mix thing is the best thing on the record. It has a couple beats I recognize from other Unwound songs, some weird guitar noise and backwards shit, funny samples, etc. Reminds me a bit of Sonic Youth's recent syr1/2 and the Replikants record (duh, i wonder why). It's cool, but they obviously won't be doing it live, and they are such a great live band... but, I'd like to hear more of this kind of stuff from them. Justin or whoever is doing the engineering/mixing has some neat ideas.

So, nothing great, in my opinion. The mix thing is cool, and the first song is alright, the rest wasn't worth putting out, in my opinion. I guess I'm pretty bad at describing songs, so go ahead and get it, everyone. I got it for $4.98. It's worth it cuz it's Unwound. But it's nothing exceptional.

I've got my fingers crossed that the album will be a lot better. Their last two have been so incredible, that there's no way I won't be buying the full length the day it comes out. I saw them a few months ago, and the new songs they played were great, so I'm assuming they saved their best shit for the LP.


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