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I discovered Sonic Youth in Prague (when I stayed there for a week w/ school in 1991) and turned into a SY addict. still am b.t.w. Two years ago they toured Holland for Washing machine and of course I was there again. They played in Tilburg- Noorderlicht where Beck was opening up for them (an accoustic set just before Odelay was published) and then in april I think in Vredenburg-Utrecht. In Vredenburg Unwound opened up for them. They were touring Germany or so in that time and SY asked if they would open for one show (as unwound was on a tight schedule I guess) So my luck has never been bigger as I was hooked immediately.

I was at the Vlerk last friday!

"So what?" some wankers might say, but the real unwound freak knows that the band played there that evening. Karate opened for them. Nice, but not a true discovery, the louder tracks were good and the slower were somewhat like Cell. (Does Cell still exists) Then Unwound was on! I don't have a playlist, but they played Dragnalus, Lucky acid, corpse pose, petals like bricks, swan, laugh track, meet the plastics, the world is flat and a bunch more. Sorry that I don't recall all tracknames, it was just like a trance thing okay? Anyway, the show was awesome. Unwound was extremely friendly, much to my surprise (to my surprise cause they were rather quiet two years ago and a lot of people on this list have compleined abaout them being grumpy) Well maybe Vern was not completely 100% happy, but nothing to complain about anyway. They played fine, the first four or five songs but then it seemed they got into the atmosphere of audience and vice versa, like magic you know. it felt like everybody was looking at the best band they ever saw. (Maybe it seems like I'm exagerating, or however you spell it, but even folks that didn't seem big fans were extremely into it. I've seen Blonde Redhead giving a great show in December at the same joint, but reactions weren't as overwhelming).

The applause after every song was very intense and in return came very intense songs. Anyway, Justin said a lot of "thank yous" after every song, so that was nice. After the "last" song Unwound was called for an encore. They luckily did and then.... Somebody next to me jelled for Kantina to Justin and Justin replied to him "Kantina? okay", he turned to Sara and Vern and told them the news and then they played the best fucking desirable version of Valentine Card, Kantina and were are and was or is! Then another song and then it was all over. It wasn't untill the next morning that I touched planet earth again.

Sara was looking almost as desirable as my girlfriend. Further more she was very sexy in the way she handled the drumsticks and smiled when funny things were yelled by the audience. (one guy kept on yelling "you bite my tongue!"). At the end of the two encores she gave a stick to a guy that went on stage to ask for one.

Justin was very friendly, wearing a black shortsleeved blouse, playing a green-metallic guitar (looked like a telecaster to me). He felt visible strange when we all called them back for an encore and were loud and wild that they did. He put up his arms several times like some sort of superman. Very funny seeing him not being able to handle all these complement w/ his general coolness. Justin also fucked up the end of Side effects of being tired, where vern and sara play the same chorus and justin improvises. He didn't use much sample effects, only a delay and distortion I think. I expected some moog sounds, but there weren't any. For teh extremely detail-horny freaks: Justin drank Oranjeboom beer from a can. Oranjeboom beer sucks. I think you're better off drinking Grolsch or Brand beer when you're in Holland. But hey, he's probably used to Budweiser, and then anything is better right?

Vern wore a brown T-shirt w/ the word "closer" on it. He smoked a lot of ciggies (as he did two years ago). Just like Justin and Sara are both best in the trade at what they do, so is Vern w/ his bass, but then even better. I don't think anyone can get more emotion from the bass than he. In side effects his voice wasn't hearable for the first chorus. bummer, 'cause he really sang beautiful the rest of the song.

Conclusion: The show was great. It's in my top five of best shows for certain. I'll go to see them at the end of May in Dordrecht for certain, and if I can I'll also travel to Groningen (I just need a place to sleep there).

John Patrick Nijkamp

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