tonight's show was very very very very good.

here's the set list:

all soul's day
laugh track
meet the plastics
murder movies
unauthorized autobiography
no tech!
(*a tragedy occurs*)
message recieved
sonata for loudspeakers
what went wrong
side effects of being tired
for your entertainment

the tragedy was that justin's guitar broke. specifically, the tuning key for the lowest string broke. he switched to another and continued. this is the advantage of touring with three guitars.

this would have probably been a perfect show, but one foolish person ruined it, in my opinion.

at the beginning of the set, after a few songs, some dimwit in the audience hollered "tell that bitch to get naked!" refering to sara. justin got really upset and i think the rest of the show was tainted for him. so he told the guy "why don't you shut up?" or something like that, and the whole place erupted into applause and cheers.

apart from drunken assholes, the show went well. arboretum was the high point for me, with the long interlude extended even longer. all souls day got extended quite nicely as well. but they seemed to struggle a bit with side effects, at the end where justin samples himself and tweaks the loop. vern actually stopped playing and then started again. in fact the whole show was plagued with little things like that, as though they weren't completely submerged in the music. maybe they were just rusty after the break, but i think it had a lot to do with that guy yelling like that.

but it was a great show and there isn't a band out there that can move me like unwound does.

get out and see them on this tour if you can; you're in for a treat.

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This document was last updated 26 March 1998