From: jason costanzo <costanzo@mail.utexas.edu>

To: mkultra@kuci.org

Subject: [mkultra]: unwound watch '98, II

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 23:18:24 -0600


austin, feb. 25:

all souls day
laugh track
meet the plastix
the world is flat
next exit
side effects...
valentine card
kantina +


way better than dallas. the evening's weather (rainy, distant thunder rumblings) was the perfect backdrop for their set, which seemed, to me at least, just downright depressing. unwound at their very gut-wrenchingest best. envelope, next exit, valentine and kantina were daggers. from top to bottom, this was the best unwound show ive been to.

unsubstantiated rumor: from an overheard conversation, that this is unwounds last tour ever... any dissenting opinions, inside knowledge, etc.?


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