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A zine cover featuring Justin, circa 1994. From Chris R.

A picture from Gabe Abbe: New Radio Hit

Photos by Frank Flaherty, 13 January 1998 at Bojangles in Sacramento CA:
Vern #1 | Vern #2 | Sara #1 | Sara #2 | Justin | Sara and Justin | Sara and Vern

A photo of Vern (and I'm grateful for it, but I can't remember who sent it to me and I neglected to write it down. Thanks, though.)

Alex took this picture of the band when they played in Florida in 1998.

Mike Rosas shot this photo at a 1995 show in Pomona, CA.

Giordano Biafora shot this live photo of Justin in Bologna, Italy.

Jornt van Bennekum sent this one to me.

A ton of photos by Jane Hex (used without permission, but I hope she understands...)
unwound (april 92) | justin (apr 92) | justin (apr 92) | unwound (may 92) | vern (may 92) | vern (may 92) | justin (jun 92) | justin (dec 95) | justin (undated)

Two photos by Stephen Ziegler (from Jane Hex' old photo gallery, also used w/o permission)
unwound (1995) | unwound (1995)

Three photos from Daniel Cavey, shot at Jabberjaw in Los Angeles, circa 1994-95:
Justin and Vern | Vern and Sara | Justin and Vern

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