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COLLABORATION (18 December 1999) - from Dane: "Internal/External: Paul Schuster, the person who produced albums by Julie Ruin and the Spells, is putting out a record on K Records on Feb. 8. It has a collaboration with Justin Trosper, as well as Kathleen Hanna, Calvin Johnson, Carrie Brownstein, and more."

NEWS FROM KRS (12 December 1999) - "Unwound will start the recording of their next masterpiece beginning in February at their new studio. Most likely in late spring they'll be heading down south for a tour of Brazil."

YOU HEARD IT HERE LAST (2 December 1999) - They played a show. You should have gone. I didn't tell you in time. Sara Foster told me: "November 28 - Unwound, Bangs, Tight Bros, Calvin Johnson @ Graceland in Seattle ALL AGES WTO-RESISTANCE SHOW - DOORS 1:30 PM" Why do I put old news on this page? Is old news better than no news? Smash the WTO.

TROUBLEMAN (2 November 1999) - This is kinda old news, but the split single with Versus is finally really coming out in January of 2000. It's official. Check the Troubleman web site for order info.

RUMORS MORE THAN NEWS (26 October 1999) - Brian M. says Unwound told him they may have a new album out in April 2000. Also, Sara cleared up a few of the moldy old rumors at the bottom of the front page of this web site; she addressed them at the KRS Questions site. Eventually, the KRS site will effectively eclipse the usefulness of this site, if it hasn't already. Check it out, if you haven't yet: http://www.killrockstars.com

COMPILATION TRACK + LIVE SHOW (30 September 1999) - two separate bits of news. Chris Corday reports that a compilation called "Nowcore!; The Punk Rock Evolution", which was put out by K-Tel Records, features Unwound's "Unauthorized Autobiography", from the Repetition album. Also featured are The Promise Ring, Modest Mouse, Jawbox, Drive Like Jehu, etc.
Also: Kill Rock Stars reports that Unwound will be playing a show with Bonfire Madigan and Yind (from Sweden) on 28 October 1999 in Olympia, WA at the Metropolis.

SPLIT SINGLE (17 September 1999) - From Troubleman: The split 7-inch with Versus is coming. How long have we been hearing that? This time, they say that Unwound finally recorded their vocal track, so the release can go ahead. We'll see... The release date is set for 24 January 1999. It will be a vinyl-only release.

BACK TO EUROPE (27 August 1999) - From KRS: Unwound is going to Europe to play the Matador records 10-year anniversary party. Any info regarding the exact date and location of this party would be appreciated.

NEWS PILEUP (21 August 1999) - All the news I am just now getting around to posting.
KRS is releasing Unwound: A Single History 1991-1997 (KRS 345) on 27 September 1999. See below for details.
The film Songs for Cassavettes is reported to be completed, featuring Unwound. There is a link somewhere on the front page.

NO PEEL SESSION (25 June 1999) - From Michelle: Unwound was scheduled to record a Peel session when they visited London, but the project fell through somehow.

NEW VIDEO (22 May 1999) - From Greg: KRS is releasing a video. It includes "arranged viewing by long hind legs; lifetime achievement award by unwound; million man march by mens recovery; teenie weenie boppie by free kitten; lots more..." including the Frumpies, Elliot Smith, Deerhoof, and the Pee Chees. It's KRS #200, available at their web site or in the mail.

FURTHER INFO ON NEW RELEASES (22 May 1999) - From various sources, including KRS, Pat Castaldo, and Brian McDonald: Vern has reportedly said that the next full-length Unwound album will probably be released in April of next year.
In September of 1999, KRS will release an Unwound Singles Compilation LP/CD, which will compile all of Unwound's seven inches and compilation appearances. The track listing is as follows:

KRS is calling this release "Unwound Singles Compilation LP/CD", but Pat C. has reported it under the title "Unwound: A Single History". KRS also reports that a new Unwound 7-inch single will be released at some point in the future.
On June 22, 1999, KRS will release a new Replikants LP/CD, titled Slickaphonics (GER 005) on KRS's "other label", 5 Rue Christine. The lineup on this recording will be Justin Trosper, Brandt Sandeno, and Joe Plummer (of Bare Minimum). It is described as "A little bit of everything: jazz, electronic, dub, experimental noise." A West Coast tour in scheduled for July.

PROMISES, PROMISES (6 May 1999) - Troubleman Unlimited claims to be putting out the fabled Unwound/Versus split single this year. Just like last year. And the year before.

TOO LATE (20 April 1999) - Justin will be doing a solo show at The Smell club in Los Angeles on Feb 8 1999, Also on the bill is Buzz Osbourn of the Melvins also doing a solo set. This news would have been useful back in February. Sorry.

LOVELETTER RELEASE (20 April 1999) - from David Wilcox: "My label, Loveletter, will be releasing a live 12" by Unwound that will be ready to go by the end of March. It was recorded during their European tour from last May, and consists of three extended songs ("Hexenszene""Side Effects of Being Tired""Kantina"). This is the record that was mentioned at another point on your site (it was originally a split with Thrones)." Check Sound Exchange for info.

NEW K RECORDS RELEASE (20 April 1999) - from K, via Stephen: "Unwound has plans to put out three seven inches, with songs recorded in their new studio. One will be on K, one on Matador, and one on Touch and Go. The seven inches will then be compiled on a CD put out by Kill Rock Stars."

UNWOUND AT YO YO A GO GO (18 April 1999) - from Pat Castaldo: "Unwound very well may play, but we're working out some logistics. The Replikants want to play, as does a side project of Vern's..."
http://www.olywa.net/yoyo (soon to be yoyoagogo.com)

POSSIBLE NEW RELEASE (18 April 1999) - from Pat Castaldo: "There's an Unwound compilation of some sorts coming out on KRS sooner than later." Brian McDonald speculates that this could be a 7"/oddities CD compilation. There is also a new Replikants record in the works.

THE LATEST FROM KRS (11 December 1998) - Maggie says: "they are playing the Cooler in New York on new year's; the first week of February they are touring the west coast, and then recording for a fall release when they get back, this time in their own studio." According to Stalin, a Swedish band called Yind will tour with Unwound for some dates in the U.S.

JAPANESE RELEASES, ETC. (11 December 1998) - From PNMV: "Unwound toured, as you probably know, europe and japan. the guys in japan liked it and decided to release some stuff there. they released their new record, with the new 12", on cd and a anthology cd containing tracks from all their records and some 7" release(s) except the new one, challenge for a civilized society. These two records, or at least the challenge with the 12", will also be released in europe on matador. the label in japan is called rebel beat factory. matador will in the future release new unwound records in europe."

OLD NEWS (11 December 1998) - News that came in but was not posted, due to my computer troubles: Alex and Chris reported that Unwound was going to play a show November 20th in an old firehouse in Redmond, WA. Mike reported this rumor: "I just got my weekly annoyance from CDNow, and it said something about new releases on November 10th and one thing that they mentioned was Unwound." Dane corrected the rumor: "It is Long Hind Legs...I asked KRS about this a couple weeks ago. CDnow screwed up." Also, Troubleman says the split single with Versus is still eventually going to happen.

UPCOMING SHOW (8 October 1998) - According to the Blonde Redhead website: Unwound is playing with Blonde Redhead on Saturday 17 October, at the Capitol Theatre. The Thrones are opening.

UNWOUND ON MATADOR (19 September 1998) - From Ted: Unwound has just signed to Matador Europe. The Matador web site has released this news:
"More exciting signing news: UNWOUND are officially signed to Matador Europe (under license from Kill Rock Stars). The first release will be a European reissue of Challenge For A Civilized Society with one extra track. Later on there will be a 25-track "greatest hits" compilation of sorts, followed by new material."

THE TROUBLEMAN SPLIT (16 September 1998) - From Troubleman: The Unwound/Versus split 7-inch will be released before the end of winter. They promise. Also, a compilation LP is in the works which will include a new Replikants song.

SHOW INFO (4 September 1998) - From Chris V: Unwound is playing Friday night for Bumbershoot in Seattle at 7:30 pm, in a benefit show for the Capitol Theater in Olympia. They played a similar benefit last Saturday's (29 August) featuring Frequency Db, This Room, Engine 54, Love as Laughter, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Mary Lou Lord, Rebecca Pearcy, Miranda July with Zac Love, C-Average, Simple Ritual, and Us of All.

PEEL SESSION (29 July 1998) - From Greg Ellis: John Peel is airing an Unwound session Wednesday night (tonight!) on the BBC. Listen for it at this site: http://www.broadcast.com/bbc/

SEATTLE SHOW (27 July 1998) - From Chris Vandebrooke: "Unwound is playing this Saturday with Bare Minimum at the Breakroom in Seattle."

RECORD NEWS (2 July 1998) - From Mike at Troubleman: The Unwound/Versus split single is STILL on hold. However, Lance at Honeybear says: "I finally got the Young Ginns CD out. It's Justin and Brandt's band with Tim Green from Nation of Ulysses and the Champs. It's 13 songs including their Gravity EP and a Void cover version." There is also a compilation out called Fruited Surfaces (can anyone confirm that title?) with a song from Justin's other project, the Replikants.

NEW SONG (27 April 1998) - From Jay: Punk In My Vitamins has released a new compilation CD called the "Multi-Vitamin Comp" featuring Unwound, Mocket, Long Hind Legs, Karp, Lowercase, New Bad Things, the Thrones, the Waydowns, One Ton, and Bunnyfoot Charm. Unwound's song is a previously unreleased recording called "Pinwheel Signaling". Jay describes it as "this little minute-and-a-half, lo-fi recording of them jamming". All the other songs on the compilation have been previously released.

NEW RECORD PLANNED (26 March 1998) - From Brian McDonald: "After the Troubadour show in L.A. last month, Jared (of Island Of Joy video zine fame) and I interviewed Justin and Sara from Unwound. If all goes well, the interview will appear on the second volume of the video zine "Island Of Joy". Also if all goes well, there will be a printed version of the interview appearing in a future KUCI program guide.
One of the things mentioned in the interview was plans of an upcoming split 12" between Unwound and The Thrones. All recordings would be from live shows. In fact, Unwound were planning on recording a lot of their shows during their current huge tour to grab some choice recordings for the 12". The Thrones, of course, being Joe Preston's solo thing. (Last I saw them/him live)."

VERN RUMSEY IS NOT DEAD (21 January 1998) - at least not yet. Here's the original rumor: "vern rumsey, the bassist for unwound was killed in an automobile accident monday night in Olympia, WA. this is shocking and sad news for anyone who loved unwound. the rest of the band are said to be in shock and mourning right now, no further news."
Here's the word from Kerri Harrop at SubPop records, provided by Ian Connelly: "It has since been confirmed that there was a slight miscommunication of the facts. Vern was not killed or otherwise involved in a car wreck Monday night; the correct information is that he attended a screening of Wag the Dog. There is a subtle but nonetheless clear distinction between these events."

SPLIT SINGLE WITH VERSUS (15 January 1998) - is going to be released this month, according to a Versus website.

NEW ALBUM RELEASED TODAY (13 January 1998) - It's called Challenge For A Civilized Society. There are nine songs on it. Buy it as soon as possible.

2 ALBUMS - IT'S ALL IRONED OUT NOW (see below) (4 December 1997) - Jason Costanzo wrote to tell me: "'Light At The End Of The Tunnel...' is a 12" out December 5, 4 songs. 'Challenge For A Civilized Society' LP and CD, out on January 13. All reports I've heard are that this is the eclipse of Unwound's creativity. I remember reading somewhere that "Unwound think this is the best record they've ever made, hands down..." or something to that effect. I've also heard that it is a bit of a departure from the classic Unwound sound, much more experimental, not as much raw aggression." How confusing, for Unwound to release two records at once...

CONFLICTING REPORTS (26 November 1997) - the MusicMatch web site says that the new Unwound album is actually not out yet (see below) but it's coming. It is called "Challenge For A Civilized Society" and is due to be released 13 January 1998. It's on KRS, of course. I guess we'll just have to see who to believe, MusicMatch or the Rocket... anyone with info, send it or I will kill you. I will physically kill you.

NEW ALBUM! - From Matt: He says it came out 11 November 1997, according to the Rocket; it's called "the light at the end of the tunnel is a train" (another train-theme, a la Fake Train?). I personally haven't heard (or seen) it yet but it's supposed to be pretty good. Well, what else could it be?

NEW SPLIT SINGLE (11 November 1997) - from the horse's mouth: Mike from Troubleman says the Unwound/Versus 7" split will finally be out in late winter. They've been talking about this since the "Future of What" days...

UNWOUND PERFORMANCE - From Brian Price: "Earlier this month (September 3rd & 6th) Unwound played 2 great shows in NYC at Tramps and the CMJ music festival. The first night, they were accompanied by Modest Mouse (amazing!), the Delta 72, and Blonde Redhead. The second night they played with the Peechees, the Great Unraveling, Comet Gain, and the Cold Cold Hearts.
Each night they played five new songs, two of which were rather lengthy, and one of which Vern premiered on vocals. Needless to say all of the new songs are amazing, and as usual with Unwound they're always coming up with new sounds."

UNWOUND DID NOT PLAY AUSTIN contrary to what I said before (25 September 1997) - From Jason Costanzo: "There is a local country and western band called Unwound here in Austin who play at some of the honky-tonk type bars all the time. I know this because I have been duped into thinking the real Unwound was playing here more than once..."

BRAND NEW ALBUM NEWS (13 September 1997) - From Deana Hare: "A friend of mine talked to Sara at a show and she said the album should be coming out in January. They played a lot of new songs and they sound really really good."

IT WORKED! I put big letters on my page and someone noticed. A. Cris Hamilton wrote and informed me that Unwound recorded earlier this spring (25 July 1997). No news on any release dates.

As far as I can tell Unwound are currently touring (13 Sept 1997) but I haven't got any sort of schedule of dates. Check your local listings, I guess. They hit Austin TX a couple weeks ago (not really, see above).

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