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RUMORS (10 January 2003) - from anne and others: Perhaps at some time in the future, Unwound will: 1) release a live album; 2) release a live video/DVD. These are just rumors. But keep sending KRS your live video footage of the band, because they're still collecting it.

OSLO (15 October 2002) - from top secret sources deep inside the Real Control Apparatus: Vern's playing in a new band called Oslo. They might sound like the energy of Unwound mixed up with a love for the Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson, and "Paperback Writer," but don't quote us on that. Anybody in the Olympia area is urged to check em out.

CALL FOR PHOTOS (8 July 2002) - from KRS: For the Troubleman live record (see below) the band needs live photos of Unwound as a five-piece (with Brandt Sandeno and David Scott Stone). If you have some, email Troubleman.

LIVE ALBUM ON TROUBLEMAN (6 June 2002) - from Cris: The Troubleman site sez, "tmu is releasing what appears to be the last unwound record. it will be a live album documenting their existance as a five peice. if you know me, than you know how much i loved their last record. the record will compile various shows and performances. this will be out on October 21, 2002." Keep an eye on for more info.
Troubleman's site also sez he'll release a Red Rumsey record (Vern solo) in a limited run of 500.

REPLIKANTS, MAGRECONE (6 May 2002) - from KRS: "There's an all-day-BBQ 5RC show in Seattle on May 19 w/ the REPLIKANTS, SECONDS, and HELLA at Graceland." Also, Justin is engineering the new Bangs 10-inch at the Magnetic Recording Academy. The record will come out in August on Punk In My Vitamins.

THE END OF UNWOUND (1 April 2002) - from Vern, Steve Boyle, KRS, and too many others to list: Unwound has decided to break up the band. In their own words:
Yes, Unwound has decided to call it quits. Due to our inability to do any touring for an indefinite period we have decided to disband. We will continue to play music in different forms (other than unwound) in the future and also hope to release a collection of live tracks, demos and any unreleased material there is. Also hopefully a live/tour video-movie of some sort. Apologies to those who missed their chance to see us last year due to our cancellations. We can't begin to thank all of those who helped us over the years, so we hope you know who you are! A round of applause from us to all the fans that came and went.
Thanks and good night!
unwound people

The KRS web site's front page is temporarily devoted to Unwound. Check it out here:

SHOW IN SEATTLE (3 March 2002) - from Billions: Unwound will play at the Northwest Asian Art Theater on 29 March 2002. (Also, don't forget to catch them at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival at UCLA on March 15.)

NO JAPAN (10 December 2001) - from KRS: Unwound canceled their promised tour of Japan.

TROUBLEMAN COMPILATION APPEARANCE (10 December 2001) - from Rawls: Troubleman put out a double disc compilation including songs by Unwound, Melt Banana, Men's Recovery Project, Bride of No-No, and many more. Rawls described Unwound's contribution as:
"As for the unwound song itself, I recall someone about a year and a half ago after seeing a recent unwound performance (at the Breakroom in Seattle perhaps) saying, 'They played a new one that reminded me of the Magnum P.I. theme song intro.' This must be the song he/she was talking about."

ATP RESCHEDULED (23 October 2001) - from Billions, Pollstar: The All Tomorrow's Parties fest (see below) is rescheduled for March of 2002. Unwound will play on 16 March 2002 at UCLA.

YES JAPAN, NO EUROPE (22 October 2001) - from Vern, kris, M: Unwound canceled all European tour dates for this winter. The European tour may commence in the spring. January tour dates in Japan are to be announced soon.

ANOTHER SHOW CANCELED (Update: 11 October 2001) - from Ryan Molde: The All Tomorrow's Parties fest in L.A. is postponed until March of 2002. The ATP site claims most of the bands on the bill will return in March, but no word yet whether Unwound will still play at that time (see news item above for update). They rescheduled the L.A. date (see tour page).

UPDATE: they canceled the shows in Victoria and Vancouver as well. (thx mike ziegler for info.)

SHOWS CANCELED (12 September 2001) - from Struction77, Trev: Unwound did not play as scheduled in Boston on the 11th of September after the attack on the World Trade Center in NYC. All shows in New York City are likely canceled as well. Sez Trevor: "Here in New York, it seems like everything south of 14th street has been closed. So, it would be safe to say that the show is cancelled, whether or not Unwound wants to play or not." I assume the rest of the tour will continue as scheduled. If you have further info, email it to me.

WEBCAST, COMPILATION, FESTIVAL (28 August 2001) - from Daniel Shepard: "There is a possibility that the unwound show in fargo will be webcast live at If the band decides that it is ok, we will do it. If it happens, it will probably start around 7:00 and go until 11:00pm central daylight time."
And from Ryan Molde: Unwound will appear on the All Tomorrow's Parties compilation CD. SYOnline says the comp CD will feature "Behold the Salt" (maybe they mean "Below the Salt"?) as well as tracks from Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Cat Power, Stephen Malkmus, etc.
The ATP site <> says Unwound will play the All Tomorrow's Parties festival at UCLA on Friday, 19 Oct 2001.

TOUR LINEUP, ARTICLES, NEWBORN (22 June 2001) - from Brian MacDonald, Gloria Bent, Vern: On the upcoming tour, Unwound will feature Brandt Sandeno on keyboards and David Stone (Get Hustle, Melvins) on guitar, in addition to the usual lineup of Sara, Vern, Justin.
The latest issue of CMJ New Music features an Unwound article that is not posted online, so you have to go buy their rag to read it. The same goes for the new issue of Magnet, which has artwork by Sara Lund.
And most important of all... Vern is a papa. Lola Isobel Rumsey was born early in the morning of 1 June 2001. Congratulations to Vern and Laura.

REPLIKANTS SHOW (1 June 2001) - from Brian MacDonald: The Replikants are on the Friday, June 15th bill at the 7th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival. Also appearing: Steve Fisk, Evolution Control Committee, The Bran Flakes, and many other experimenters.

ART CONTEST (23 April 2001) - from KRS: "Unwound art contest! Occasionally we get drawings of bands with your orders and we love them! To encourage you to send in more art, we've decided to hold a contest. First up, UNWOUND. There are three categories, (1) Pencil / line drawings of members of Unwound and (2) Abstract art, ie draw or paint your favorite Unwound song and (3) computer generated art of either band members or songs. Prize is a copy of their new album, Leaves Turn Inside You, on the format of your choice + a poster. The deadline for entries is a month from today, May 13th, 2001.
Mail your entry to:
Kill Rock Stars attn: art contest
120 NE State Ave. PMB 418
Olympia, WA 98501, USA
or email it to"

NEW ALBUM RELEASED (17 April 2001) - Unwound has released Leaves Turn Inside You. It is a double-CD with two videos. Go buy it. It matters.

NEW ALBUM PRE-ORDER (13 April 2001) - from KRS: order the new album before it hits the stores.

REPRESS, SHOW DATE, &c (1 April 2001) - from Aaron, Pollstar, KRS: ITEM: Punk In My Vitamins will re-release the first Unwound LP on vinyl; it hits the shelves 23 April 2001. ITEM: Pollstar reports that Unwound will play the Pine Street Theater in Portland, OR, on Friday, 29 June 2001. ITEM: 5 Rue Christine has released Godzik Pink's Black Broccoli EP , which was recorded by Justin Trosper at MagRecOne.

NEW MEMBERS (24 March 2001) - from Vern & Darren: When Unwound tours this summer in support of Leaves Turn Inside You, they will bring two extra musicians, a guitarist and a keyboardist, to help reproduce the new sounds of the album. Brandt Sandeno, ex-drummer from back in the day, might be one of them. Sez Darren: "Brandt can pretty much play anything, but I think for this tour, it will primarily be keyboards."

SOUTH BY SOUTH WEST (24 February 2001) - from KRS: Unwound is playing at the Kill Rock Stars showcase at the South by Southwest music festival. Also playing: Bonfire Madigan, XBXRX, and Deerhoof. The show will be at Emo's in Austin, TX, 15 March 2001.

THE NEW ALBUM IS DONE (8 January 2001) - from Unwound: The new album is done. From KRS: It will be released 17 April 2001. From someone else whose name I forgot: The title of the new album is "Leaves Turn Inside You". From Vern: "You will love it."

REPLIKANTS SHOW TODAY (9 December 2000) - from KRS (at the last minute): "Replikants (Justin, Brandt from Unwound and Worst Case Scenario, plus Joe Plummer of Bare Minimum and sometimes Caustic Resin) will be special musical guests at the opening of Friction Fiction, an art show featuring Slater Bradley, Jay Batile, and Nicolas Guzman. The show will be held December 9 in Los Angeles at the Echo Park Projects, located at 2015 avon st. from 8-10 pm. For more information, call 323.664.6894 or see the Echo Park Projects website:"

TOUR DATES & HINTS (7 December 2000) - from KRS and Vern: The Replikants are playing December 11 in San Francisco at Kimo's with Nocturnium (1351 polk st at pine) doors at 9 / $5
Unwound will tour the west coast in February. Tentative visits to San Diego, Sacramento, Portland, Olympia, Bellingham, Vancouver, BC, Victoria, BC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle. More news as it breaks. News you can use.

UNWOUND ON COMP (7 December 2000) - from KRS: On January 23, Turbo's Tunes 2001 Sampler CD (KRS 319) shall be released, with a track from Unwound. Also featuring The Gossip, Jim Carroll, Bangs, Frumpies, Sleater-Kinney, Two Ton Boa, Cadallaca, Kleenex/Liliput, Jean Smith, Slumber Party, Kathy Acker, Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty, Breakdowns, Bonfire Madigan, Mike "Sport" Murphy, Danielle Howle, Har Mar Superstar, Sue P. Fox.

NEW ALBUM RELEASE DATE (10 November 2000) - from Stephan Boyle, KRS, Sasa: The double-CD will be released 17 April 2001. There will be at least two videos on the CD as well.
Quoth the Vern: "I really honestly think that it is going to be the best record yet. I am very happy with it. It is such a departure from the 'normal' Unwound rock record. It is so 'orchestrated.' There is so much going on, it really is a 'new' record for us."

MORE INFO ON NEW ALBUM (17 October 2000) - from Vern: The album is nearing completion, and may be done as soon as the end of October. Vern:
"We have been wanting to do a double LP for several years. In fact, originally both "Repetition" and "Challenge" were supposed to be double LPs. They never turned out that way, because of lack of studio time. Our idea for a double LP was supposed to be one that half of the songs would be written as any of our other LPs were written, and the other half would be more of a "studio" endeavor. We were always prepared enough for the pre-written part, but always lacked the time to "play around" in the studio. Studio time is too expensive to let a bunch of geeks play around, so we built a studio to "geek out" in... thus the double record."
Brandt Sandeno (previous drummer) is also involved with the new album, providing keyboards and a fresh ear. Says Vern: "Since we are only working with eight tracks, we need to do alot of track bouncing. He has been there lending an ear, and letting us know what he thinks of these pre-mixes, before we go over original tracks with overdubs."

MORE UPCOMING SHOWS (26 September 2000) - From keil & KRS: Unwound is playing a show with Sleater-Kinney on Saturday, 21 October at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX.
7 September through 7 October, Slater Bradley's "Charlatan" video installation will be showing at 527 West 26th Street in New York, NY. The Replikants did songs for two of the video pieces in this installation. The Replikants are not actually performing at this event, but still. Go see it if you can.

UPCOMING SHOWS (18 August 2000) - From Vern and Jared DiMassino: Unwound is playing three shows in New York City at Brownies: two shows on 9 September, one at 3:00 p.m. (all ages) and one at 8:00 p.m. (21+ only), and one show on 10 September at 8:00 p.m. (all ages). Tara Jane O'Neil is opening at least one of the shows. Buy tickets on the In Ter Net at this location (Insound) or at this one (Ticketweb). Tickets at Insound are $10 plus a dollar surcharge.
Unwound will also play a show in Philadelphia on 8 September. Vern says: "We will hopefully (if we can possibly pull it off) play a bunch of new material from the upcoming double LP."

NEW ALBUM UPDATE (4 July 2000) - From KRS: Unwound's 8th album, a CD/2LP (KRS 369), is being recorded right now in MagRecOne, the studio Vern and Justin built with the help of a carpenter friend named Dan Avery. Kep Beelman, who recorded their last session, has gone back up to Washington to work with them again, and Phil Eck is also involved. The album should drop in fall of 2000.
Also, 5 Rue Christine (KRS' sister label) will be releasing a new Godzik Pink album in July; the album was recorded by Vern Rumsey and Justin Trosper.
Also also, C Average plans to record their second album this summer at MagRecOne.

UPCOMING RELEASE (26 February 2000) - From KRS: 5 Rue Christine will release the CHARM Soundtrack (a film by Sadie Shaw + Sarah Reed) in May featuring tracks by Justin Trosper and Sara Lund, as well as Audrey Marrs and Jon Nikki (Gene Defcon), Casey Ward (Lies), The Need, The Lies, Matt Hartman + Hyyem, Thrones, Aisler's Set, Deerhoof, members of the Champs, Aaron Hartman, Russ Pollard (Sebadoh), Imaad Wasif (lowercase).
The sound of the soundtrack is described as: "a wonderful varied assortment of melancholy piano noises, dance-y electronic noises, creepy unidentifiable noises, and a bunch of other stuff like accoustic girls, "you really got a hold on me" and more."

REPLIKANTS SHOWS (12 February 2000) - From KRS:
March 4 - Olympia, WA @ TBA w/ Quasi
March 6 - San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill - REPLIKANTS w/ Quasi, Braille Stars
March 7 - Los Angeles, CA @ Troubador - REPLIKANTS w/ Quasi, Braille Stars
March 8 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell - REPLIKANTS w/ GODZIK PINK, Quasi
March 10 - Lois is playing her record release show @ Crystal Ballroom in Portland, with REPLIKANTS and QUASI.

NEW RELEASES, UPCOMING SHOW (6 February 2000) - From KRS: The Replikants are playing 8 February in Olympia, WA at the Arrowspace with All Scars; Thrones are headlining.
From Brian M: "Kill Rock Stars released another compilation of stuff ("Jackson's Jukebox") including a Replikants song and a previously released Unwound song ("Mile Me Deaf"). I didn't have time to check if the Replikants song was unreleased or not. K released a soundtrack/compilation called "Inside/Outside" or something like that, which features mainly solo outings from Northwest bands... including Justin Trosper on a track... as well as Al Larsen (Some Velvet Sidewalk), etc."

POSSIBLE NEW RECORD (20 January 2000) - From Brian MacDonald: Justin Trosper has an upcoming solo record. No other information right now.

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