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send me scans of unwound fliers, posters, photos, set lists, or whatever else you want. a few people have requested a section of the site for fliers, so here it is, but you'll have to send me what you've got for this to work.

email them to me in an attachment. no files bigger than around 300K, and even that's excessive. (i'll reduce the size of all large files before i post them.) if you have something to scan but no scanner, email me and we'll work something out.

From Jeff Labeaf: "here is a scan of the flier for unwound's last show."

From Michael Byzewski of Aesthetic Apparatus: "Just thought you might like to check out the poster I designed and screenprinted for Unwound's show here in Madison, Wi on 8/30."

From Chris in New Orleans: a show flier from Biloxi, Mississippi, 27 February 1998.


mail me with your scans

this document was last updated 1 august 2002, after i threw out two black bananas.