This is some information about Steve Fisk, provided by Brian MacDonald:

Steve Fisk may have recorded all of Unwound's records to date... and also recorded everybody from Nirvana to The Wedding Present to the Geraldine Fibbers, etc. But his solo work is very *very* different from the bands he usually records.. and it's also totally brilliant. Especially if you like Negativland.

"Over And Thru The Night" is a collection of his early sample/tapeloop stuff (1980-1987). The beginning "I Wish I Were Dead" loop is one of the most tragic yet comedic uses of a loop I've ever heard. REALLY bends your tears and your chuckles apart. He also has the album "448 Deathless Days" on SST from 1987. More "ARt Of Noise"-ey than the earlly stuff... but there is some prime material on this album as well. More use of beatboxes and synths here.

A better recommendation for Steve Fisk related material on this list IMHO would be Pell Mell. "Flow" is an incredible wall of instrumental guitar rock.. if you like New Order or Stereolab, you might want to peek at this gem from 1991... also recommended is "Interstate" from 1995 and last year's "Star City". There's also the early "Rhyming Guitars" from the early 80s, and "The Bumper Crop" from 1987. If you like soundtracky going-out-of-town music, Pell Mell's the way the go.

Also, I can't forget Steve Jesse bernstein's album on Sob Pop. ("Prison"?). Steve Fisk does a nice job of filling the background with this funky post-industrial groove.

There's also Pigeonhed, which is Fisk's current electronic outlet. Features the singer from Brad.

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