All recordings feature the current line-up (Justin Sara Vern) unless otherwise noted.


Fake Train (1993, Kill Rock Stars, KRS 210)fake train cover art

Etched - "the witch the warlock and the weirdo", "Gene Simmons wears pants truth"

Side One: Side Two:
Dragnalus Honourosis
Lucky Acid Pure Pain Sugar
Nervous Energy Gravity Slips
Valentine Card * Star Spangled Hell
Kantina * Ratbite
Were, Are, and Was or Is * Feelings Real
* On the CD these three songs are all on track number 4.

New Plastic Ideas (1994, Kill Rock Stars, KRS 223) - featuring Steve Fisk on Abstraktions

No etchings on my copynu plastik ideas

Side One: Side Two:
Entirely Different Matters All Souls Day
What Was Wound Usual Dosage
Envelope Arboretum
Hexenzsene Fiction Friction

The Future Of What (1995, Kill Rock Stars, KRS 245) - in the liner notes to this album it says "Recorded in December 1995 around Christmas time" but this is incorrect. The album was recorded in December of 1994.

Etched - "Demolish the work ethic", "Everyday is yesterday"the future of what

Side One: Side Two:
New Energy Accidents on Purpose
Demolished Petals Like Bricks
Natural Disasters Vern's Answer to the Masses**
Re-enact the Crime Here Come The Dogs
Equally Stupid Disappoint
Pardon My French* Swan

*A longer version on the CD is titled Excuse Me But Pardon My French (tracks 15, 16, and 17)
**A longer version is included on the CD, entitled Full Explanation Of Answer

Unwound (1995, on Honey Bear and Punk In My Vitamins: CD -- hb 07; vinyl -- PNMV 06)self titled album

I have the CD; the information about the song order and etchings was provided by Oscar Bakker. Thanks Oscar! This album was recorded with Brandt on drums. Thanks to Chris Friesen for info.

No etchings on Oscar's copy

Antifreeze  Warmth
Rising Blood  Prospect
Understand and Forget  Kid Is Gone
Fingertips  Kandy Korn Rituals + Against
You Bite My Tongue  
Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere Again  

Repetition (1996, Kill Rock Stars, KRS 261)

Etched-"what's the future computer?", Side B has a lock groove (I have the CD, the information about the etching and lock groove is from Steve. Thanks Steve!) repetition- featuring Steve Fisk on keyboards
Message Received
Corpse Pose
Unauthorized Autobiography
Lowest Common Denominator
Lady Elect
Fingernails On A Chalkboard
Murder Movies
Next Exit
Go To Dallas And Take A Left
For Your Entertainment

Challenge For A Civilized Society cover artChallenge For A Civilized Society (1998, Kill Rock Stars, KRS 289) - the CD has an untitled tenth track, which is not included on the vinyl.

Etched - no etchings on Chris Friesen's copy (I have the CD). Thanks Chris! This album features Steve Fisk on keyboard, organ, and harmonium, and Dave Carter on trumpet.
 Laugh Track
 Meet The Plastics
 The World Is Flat
 Sonata For Loudspeakers
 Side Effects Of Being Tired
 Lifetime Achievement Award
 What Went Wrong

Challenge For A Civilized Society (European Release Featuring Bonus Tracks, 1998, Matador, OLE-??) Contains three tracks not included on the U.S. release. All cover art, photos, and so forth, is the same as the U.S. release, except a "3 extra tracks" sticker.

Etched - no info about etchings.

Laugh Track
Meet The Plastics
The World Is Flat
Sonata For Loudspeakers
Mile Me Deaf *
Untitled 3 **
Lifetime Achievement Award
Untitled 2 ***
XLNT ****
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train *****

*Mile Me Deaf already released on The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train 12"
**Untitled 3 is Side Effects Of Being Tired on the US release of Challenge For A Civilized Society
***Untitled 2 is What Went Wrong on the US release of Challenge For A Civilized Society
****XLNT is track # 10 (hidden track) on the US release of Challenge For A Civilized Society
*****The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train already released on The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train 12"
thanks to j. for the information.

Further Listening (1999, Rebel Beat Factory (in Japan), Matador (in Europe), catalog number?)

A compilation of previously released material on a Japanese record label. Thanks to andyb for information. Thanks to Steven Boyle for track listings.

All Souls Day (2) Valentine Card (1)
Corpse Pose (5) Kantina (1)
You Bite My Tongue (4) Were, Are and Was or Is (1)
Here Come The Dogs (3) Petals Like Bricks (3)
Envelope (2) Murder Movies (5)
Rising Blood (4) Miserific Condition (6)
Dragnalus (1) Kid Is Gone (4)
Equally Stupid (3) Message Received (5)
Unauthorized Autobiography (5) Swan (3)
Arboretum (2) Hating in D (7)

(1) previously released on Fake Train
(2) previously released on New Plastic Ideas
(3) previously released on The Future Of What
(4) previously released on Unwound
(5) previously released on Repetition
(6) previously released on the Caterpillar single
(7) previously released on the Kandy Korn Rituals single

a single history cover artA Single History 1991 - 1997 (1999, Kill Rock Stars, KRS 345) - A compilation of most tracks that had previously been available only on 7-inch singles or compilation records.

Etchings: "No etchings on my copy," sez chris, who also provided track listing info.

 Mile Me Deaf (1)  Negated (7)
 Broken E-Strings (2)  Said Serial (7)
 Totality (3)  Census (7)
 Mkultra (3)  Plight (8)
 Seen Not Heard (4)  Stumbling Block (9)
 Caterpillar (5)  Eternalux (10)
 Miserific Condition (5)  New Radio Hit (11)
 Everything is Weird (6)  The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train (1)*
 Crab Nebula (12)

* CD only -- not included on the vinyl
(1) - from The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train
(2) - from the "Good To The Last Drop" Jabberjaw compilation
(3) - from the MKUltra single
(4) - from the split single with Steel Pole Bath Tub
(5) - from the Caterpillar single
(6) - from the Corpse Pose single
(7) - from the Negated single
(8) - a Minutemen cover song from the "This Band Could Be Your Life" compilation
(9) - from the "Throw" compilation
(10) - from the "Day In the Park: Now Sounds" compilation
(11) - from the "Smitten" compilation
(12) - from the original Unwound demo tape (not commercially available)

Leaves Turn Inside You (2001, Kill Rock Stars, KRS369) - A double album (2-CD, 2-LP). The CD version includes videos for Radio Gra and Scarlette. This album features Brandt Sandeno on slide guitar, mellotron, harpsichord, Rhodes, backing vocals, organ, and vibrasound; Murray W. on optiphone and dynachord; Derek Johnson on cello; Janet Weiss on backing vocals; Steve Fisk on mellotron and jazz; Sally on meow. Sara also contributes backing vocals; Vern also contributes organ, piano, guitar, lead vocals (December); Justin also contributes Rhodes, ARP synth, piano, mellotron and Nordlead.

Leaves Turn Inside You

Etched - "Was I upon the Rhine?", "Tabulate a moron's plate", "Miss Richardson is another brother", "Western values mean nothing to her". thanks to chris for info.

Disc One Disc Two
We Invent You
Look a Ghost
Demons Sing Love Songs
Off This Century
One Lick Less
October All Over
Summer Freeze
Radio Gra
Below the Salt
Who Cares


caterpillar single

Caterpillar // Miserific Condition / Love and Fear (KRS 203, 1991)
Etched - "do you want new wave - or do you want the truth?", side B has a lock groove
Brandt plays drums on this recording.

kandy korn rituals

Kandy Korn Rituals / Against // Hating in D (KRS 205, 1992)
No etchings on my copy
Featuring Brandt on drums.

you bite my tongue

You Bite My Tongue / Kid Is Gone (Chant Of Vengeance) / Understand and Forget // (no songs on side B) (Gravity Records #6, 1993 [or 1992?]) (Re-released 1996)
The lyrics are etched into the blank second side, along with the message "don't let the rats feast on your soul cause true soul really wont ever die. the pure pain sugar. truth, tooth, youth, forsooth, truth." Both the original pressing and the reprint have this etching (thanks to galaxy for info). Featuring Brandt on drums.

mkultra single

MKUltra // Totality (KRS 225, 1994)
No etching on my copy

negated single

Negated // Said Serial / Census (Troubleman Unlimited, tmu 001, 1994)
No etching on my copy - Featuring Dustin The Roadie on trombone

split w/ steel pole

Split single with Steel Pole Bath Tub - No title is printed on the record or sleeve (Honey Bear, hb 012, 1996)
No etching on my copy. This untitled song is titled "Seen Not Heard" on the Single History. The Steel Pole Bath Tub song is also untitled, but may be called "Tokyo" (according to Joe Sanchez).
Recorded during "The Future of What" sessions.

corpse pose

Corpse Pose // Everything Is Weird (KRS 262, 1996)
Etched - "Life's too short for nature"

the light at the end of the tunnel is a train

Mile Me Deaf / No Tech / Solo Sonata // The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train (KRS 288, 1997)
No etching on my copy
Mile Me Deaf was recorded during the "Challenge For A Civilized Society" sessions. No Tech is the same as NO TECH! Solo Sonata is a guitar-only version of Sonata For Loudspeakers; it was recorded during the "Repetition" sessions. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train contains samples of other songs, including All Souls Day and NO TECH!.

"Live in London" 12"EP (Loveletter records, LVLT 004, 1999)
Hexenszene / Side Effects of Being Tired / Kantina
Pressed on blue vinyl. Live recordings from the 1998 European tour.

Split single with Versus - Torch Song, b/w All In Doubt by Versus (Troubleman Unlimited, tmu 015, 2000)
Unwound and Versus each cover a song by Flower, a pre-Versus band with Richard Balyut of Versus. thx to "legibility?" fr info.

Demo cassettes:

There is one demo I'm aware of. It was released by the band without a label (as demos usually are). "Stumbling Block" was later released on the Throw Compilation and a different recording of "Love And Fear" was later released as the B-side of the the Caterpillar single. (No label, 1991)
Bionic / Whilst You're Ahead / Lying At Best / Crab Nebula / Stumbling Block / L-D Fifty (50) / Rubberband Heart / Love And Fear

Appearances on compilations:

"You Speak Jealousy" on Kill Rock Stars comp. 1991, KRS 201

"Stumbling Block" on Throw comp. 1991 (Yoyo Records) - (dead link?), Yoyo 1

ipu cover art"Bionic" on I.P.U. Convention comp. 1992 (K Records), KLP 11. This is a live recording.

"Eternalux" on A Day In The Park comp. 1994 (Now Sound), NS 001 - a review of this compilation

jabberjaw cover art"Broken E Strings" on Jabberjaw comp. 1994 (Mammoth Records, MR00981) - this is a live (?) recording from KSPC 88.7 in Claremont, CA. Proceeds from this compilation were to benefit the Jabberjaw all-ages club in L.A.

smitten cover art"New Radio Hit" on Smitten: A Love Song Compilation comp. 1994 (Karate Brand Records, KBR-010)

"Plight" on Our Band Could Be Your Life: A Tribute to D Boon and the Minutemen comp. 1995 (Little Brother records 003) - this song was written by the Minutemen (duh). It features Dirty (former roadie) on vocals.

"Lucky Acid" on Want.Comp.Uno comp. 1995 (Wantage Records 001) - a different version than on the "Fake Train" LP.

"Dragnalus" on Half Cocked Soundtrack 1995 (Matador Records, OLE 152-2) - same recording as on the "Fake Train" LP.

"Broken E Strings" on The Basement Tapes -- live on KSPC Vol. 1 comp. 1995 (Shrimper / KSPC 1) - a "live proto-version" of the song, on a compilation from KSPC 88.7 in Claremont, CA.

"Valentine" on "Yoyo A Go Go" comp. 1996 (Yoyo records, Yoyo 4)- live recording from Yoyo A Go Go festival, July 1994, featuring Carlos from The PeeChees on guitar.

"Hating In D" on Some Songs comp. 1997 (Kill Rock Stars, KRS 276) - same recording as on the "Kandy Korn Rituals" single.

"Pinwheel Signaling" on Multi-Vitamin comp. 1998 (Punk In My Vitamins, PNMV??) - Also featuring previously released songs from Mocket, Long Hind Legs, Karp, Lowercase, New Bad Things, the Thrones, the Waydowns, One Ton, and Bunnyfoot Charm.

"Lifetime Achievement Award" on Taty du post rock. 1999 (Ultra Violet records, Issue 004) - the same recording as on the album. Thanks to Z. for info. This is a French compilation, which costs around $10. Available at http://www.altern.org/solz/

"Unauthorized Autobiography" on Nowcore!; The Punk Rock Evolution. 1999 (K-Tel Records, cat. #?) - same recording as on the Repetition album

"Laugh Track" on Not For Sale #6. (Feb/Mar 1999, Opscene, issue no. 69) - "Not For Sale #6 was a (promo) CD from Opscene. Opscene was a dutch, monthly magazine accompanied by a promo CD for 15 times before it had to stop (no money)" -- thanks to Jos! for this info.

Interview (plus live version of All Souls Day) on "The Island of Joy" video 'zine. 1999 (Island of Joy, catalog number?) http://www.orbikron.com/islandofjoy/

"Lifetime Achievement Award" on KRS Fanzine video. April 1999 (KRS 200)

"No Tech!" on the first CD of the "Everything is Nice: the 10th anniversary anthology" 3-CD digipack. 1999 (Matador, ole 400-2)

"Mile Me Deaf" on Jackson's Jukebox comp. February 2000 (KRS 354)

"MKUltra" on Turbo Tunes comp. January 2001 (KRS 319)

"Demons Sing Love Songs" on the Draw Me a Riot comp. (included with the April 2001 issue of Wire magazine) - alternate version of the song. The compilation features acts on the Matador Europe label. (thanks to Ryan Molde for info.)

"Demons Sing Love Songs" on Mollie's Mix Sampler comp. January 2003 (KRS 382) - probably the album version.

Label addresses:

Kill Rock Stars
120 NE State #418
Olympia, WA 98501
Punk In My Vitamins
P.O. Box 2283
Olympia, WA 98507
Honey Bear
P.O. Box 460346
San Francisco, CA 94146
P.O. Box 81332
San Diego, CA 92138
16 Willow Street
Bayonne, NJ 07002
P. O. Box 2462
Olympia, WA 98507
Karate Brand
Now Sound
PO Box 69434
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Box 7154
Olympia, WA 98507
Little Brother
Wantage USA
P.O. Box 8681
Missoula, MT 59807
625 Broadway, 12th floor
New York, NY 10012
P.O. Box 1837
Upland, CA 91785-1837
Ultra Violet Records

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