et lux perpetua luceat eis

...this is dale's web page...
Maybe it's a waste of time and space, but here it is.

Biographic Hypostatic Automatic Already-Had-It
I'm just bored, and my name is Dale.
I live in California. I go to school.
I work at a job I don't particularly care about.
I feel an overpowering disdain toward American culture, without understanding why I feel this way.
I secretly consider myself superior to everyone I meet, but I'm not.
I'm notoriously lazy and also a very deep sleeper who generally does not snore.

Here's sum LINX:

Authors who are mad as silver-sippin' hatters

Music to soothe the savage dale

Logic and Illogic


my friend hunts mullets.

I once kissed a girl. Click here to see what happened.

(my burning desire)

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Last page update: 21 May 2001

giant ants eating me alive!